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DokuWiki is a wiki software written in PHP providing this wiki. Besides low system requirements, easy installation and usage, it is highly extensible via plugins and can be customized to become a handy tool for documentation purposes as well as for knowledge transfer. At least this is how I try to share IT knowledge and details about (self-hosting) web services, for example.

Basic setup

Basic setup instructions may be found in the official installation guide and in DokuWiki — UberLab 7 documentation.

Advanced configuration

This article is about advanced configuration options used in this wiki instance.

URL rewriting

To change default behaviour and rewrite to you need to enable URL rewriting in /DOCUMENT_ROOT/conf/local.php/ file by appending:

$conf['userewrite'] = 1;
$conf['useslash'] = 1;

This can also be done in Configuration Settings via Admin page.

Next step is to rename /DOCUMENT_ROOT/.htaccess.dist to /DOCUMENT_ROOT/.htaccess and edit that file. First uncomment:

#RewriteEngine On

by deleting the # character at the beginning of the line and insert:

RewriteBase /

between RewriteEngine On and first RewriteRule directive. Finally uncomment all of the following rewrite rules and save changes.

Special characters should be handled safe to avoid long or corrupt filenames. Edit DOCUMENT_ROOT/conf/local.php/ by appending:

$conf['fnencode'] = 'safe';

User homepage

DokuWiki is able to link the username to its namespace for providing homepages of users. This is done by setting showuseras = username_link either in the configuration file mentioned above or using the option User's full name as interwiki user links on the Admin page.

Custom template style

Template Style Settings may be used to select different colors for wiki appearance. After saving changes an upgrade-safe file is written to /DOCUMENT_ROOT/conf/tpl/<template_name>/style.ini.

While the standard template is not intended to be used with inverted colors (light text on dark background), the Darkblue Template might be used as foundation and customizations are written to: /DOCUMENT_ROOT/conf/tpl/darkblue/style.ini.

When using syntax highlightning in dokuwiki you need to overwrite some CSS classes for font colors to work on a dark background. Create a userstyle.css file containing the following rules:

.kw2 {
  color: #888 !important;
.kw3 {
  color: #0000cc !important;
.re5 {
  color: #810040 !important;

Add abbreviations

When writing about technical stuff, there are a lot of abbreviations concerned. To incorporate them without dealing with syntax every time, you can define a list in conf/abbreviations.local.conf file as described in official documentation and must purge the cache afterwards. The AcronymEdit Plugin adds an abbreviations editor to the Admin page.

More security

To increase security for user login 2FA can be employed by installing the Attribute Plugin, Two Factor Authentication - Core Plugin and Two Factor Authentication - Google Authenticator Plugin. The latter is the actual authenticator application to generate a token. Although the name implies using the Google Authenticator app, a password database management software like KeePassXC provides that feature, too. Refer to its user guide for more information on adding TOTP to an entry.


Following a list of plugins I found useful for building this site:



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