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To share code and make development transparent Gitea can be used as a self-hostable solution offering Git services in a lightweight fashion. In comparison to other providers and platforms, it features most important functions for professional FLOSS development and instead of home delivering content and ideas to one of the Big Techs's hub, I'm rather sharing my projects at this site:

Note: Some links in this guide lead to Git's documentation due to lack of dedicated tutorials for Gitea, but most of it applies to it as well.

Basic setup

For a guide on installation refer to Documentation as well as the Gitea — UberLab 7 documentation. After this open drop down menu and go to Settings and adjust security, application and SSH/GPG public key configuration.

Minimize logging

In order to change the default log level, which is rather verbose, a new [log] section defining a LEVEL such as error needs to be added to the configuration file:

LEVEL = critical

More security

Hardening can be done by activating Two-factor authentication (2FA) and remember to create an access token as well as setting it up for local commits.

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